Hon Awutah Philip Donates to Community In Widikum

Material for Health District Centre

The health centre in Widikum-CMA, made a request about items needed by the district health centre to function well without major challenges, as experienced in the past where most patients are frequently referred elsewhere because of lack of equipment.

MP hands Equipment to District Head

Honorable Awutah Philip Atubah, MP for Momo West; covering Widikum, Ngie and Njikwa sub divisions respectively decided to respond to the request of the District head, who submitted a list of what is required for district to function well.

An Electrification cable of 500metres, 20 Bedsheets, 3 scale balance, lab reagent, Theatre lamp, Distributor, 20 Bulbs, 4 Clocks and a pulse Oximeter, was handed to the district head to better manage the situation of patients army the health district in Widikum.

"Health is Wealth and with a sick population nothing can be done, we cannot do anything without good health. I have visited the health centre in Widikum to respond to the list submitted to me by the district head, yet there could be other challenges but we decided to prioritize this need first" MP for Momo West.

One of the community employed worker at the health district is happy about the gift from the MP, to him the gesture will solve alot of great concerns at the level of the district health centre. The MP told press that alot had happened in the course of the ongoing crisis and certainly the health centre needed attention.

MP for Momo West, Hon. Awutah Philip

"According to what I got from the District head, there were insufficient material to work with and in the course of the crisis, things were carried away, some of which we are replacing now" Hon. Awutah Philip, MP Momo West.

To one of the patients, Khan Nicolas, who frequently visits the district health center, he revealed that the major concern is electricity as many cannot call their love one or recieve money to foot bills from the centre.

"CMA is a good place, the health centre receives alot of patients but the biggest problem is electricity. We have no means to communicate love ones or even recieve money.".

Mbuh Banarbas is the Divisional Officer for Widikum sub division and he makes an appeal, that the Member of Parliament, should by his gesture extend a hand of help to other local health districts.

"I thank the MP for his gesture, providing good material for the hospital and by that caring for the local population. I also wish to plead that the MP visit other centres in his constituency with same problem and help fix the situation. I also call on all to return home and be of great services in these centres, while serving the local population" D.O Widikum.

Despite the presence of the health centres in the villages, some people still continue to leave rural areas to have proper check up in the cities. The armed conflict has forced the younger people to leave the elderly in the villages to cater for themselves, an everyday situation witnessed on a daily basis in the course of the armed conflict in the NorthWest region.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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