Momo East Indegenes Recieve Basic Needs From Hon Anyere Charles

Items displayed 

Hon Anyere Charles Aka, member of Parliament for Momo East constituency, visits Internally displaced persons from Batibo living in Bamenda with Bags of rice, savon, vegetable oil, some anti Covid kits and some financial support.

MP, Hon Anyere Charles hands bag of rice to native from Batibo

The people recieve help from the MP at the time when the negative effects of the ongoing crisis in the Northwest region has played a major effect on the people. As a CPDM candidate for Batibo and Mbengwi, has responded to the emmergency needs of the people.

"I am a representative of my people in Parliament and it is a duty for me to run to their aid everytime they need me. Most of them have moved out of their place of origin due to the security challenges faced back at home. Coming with these items is a way of supporting them, providing basics for famillies and giving moral support, to stay out of danger in times of Crisis" MP

MP speaks to his people

50 Bags of rice, savon, groundnut oil, Facemasks, and some financial assistance of 500,000frs cfa was handed to people who were either shot of kidnapped, as a way of ameliorating their situation and lifting their living standards.

These IDPs from Batibo assembled at Ayaba hotel to recieve items offered by the member of Parliament and to share views on what can be done for them to return to their home.

Majority of  these natives living in Bamenda from Batibo described life to be "very tough" as their stay in the urban area has made most of them to be very dependent on others for survival.

MP communes with his people

As they shared and communed with the MP, they expressed gratitude and hoped that more of such gestures will come during moments when they are most needed.

 By Ndefru Melanie

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