Adamawa Region: Under-Staffed Dieticians Observed in Health Facilities

In order not to loose more patients, persons hospitalized due to malnutrition, Falmata Zerbo invites authorities in charge of health structures to recruit dieticians. She says there are already trained dieticians on the market just waiting to be recruited to showcase their skills.

"Two in four patients suffer from malnutrition because they don't have nutritional support, doctors most often forbid them of some certain meals, without telling them why and what to eat. There is no dietitian to ntervene and accompany the patient in his remission ", Falmata Zerbo said.

Unfortunately, information from Adamawa reveals that, dieticians are scarce in health structures and many persons hospitalized suffer from malnutrition.

The dietitian should take care of the nutritional support of patients, according to Falmata, a dietitian, he has taken up the responsibility to guide people in their eating habits.

The dietetic specialist who is the dietician is the one who is particularly concerned with the nutritional care of patients suffering from all kinds of diseases, especially chronic ones.

Its presence in a hospital environment is very important in helping the patient to heal,in addition to the drugs administered, a diet plays a significant role in the remission process.

"A dietitian is a nutritional educator who teaches people to eat well, to help patients who are diabetic, hypertensive, ulcerative or with cancer, to eat well."

"A dietitian also takes care of healthy people; developing specific diets for children, adults, pregnant women, the elderly. Different kinds of food are composed in specific diets down to the kilo calorie,depending on age, sex, weight, physical activity, eating habits" Falmata Zerbo said.

In a hospital, a dietitian is the one who composes the diets, quantifying the foods used and depending on the pathologies.

"The role of the dietitian in a hospital is to identify all the special diets at the level of each department, to compose the different menus and to offer them to the kitchen. He then checks that the different proportions have been respected before the patients consume Sometimes, he even weighs the meals of the sick to know exactly the quantity of carbohydrates, fats and proteins consumed by the patient "according to Falmata Zerbo.

She adds that diet menus are as good for hospital patients as for those who come to consult because the dietitian not only educates the patient, but also his companion who very often takes care of his diet.

"The only dietitian I have known stayed at the Regional Hospital in Ngaoundéré for several years and was requisitioned several times after his retirement. "

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By Katakap Heritier

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