Adamawa Region: Enviroment Delegate Calls on Citizens to Take action on World Environment Day

The Regional Delegate of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, Saidou Sidiki, has cautioned civil society to play their role in creating awareness-activities around issues related to sustainable development, for the well-being of population.

The 49th Edition of World Enviroment Day 2021 was celebrated under the theme; The Restoration of Ecosystems which marks the commitment of people in the protection of biological diversity.

Reactions from the Regional Delegate of Evironment and the Protection of Nature for the Adamawa Region Saidou Sidiki, shows that he believes citizens must take their place in democratic institutions.

"With decentralization underway, Councils are local government structures that have a leading role to play in the protection of the environment. Particularly in the preservation, restoration and enhancement of the natural environment".

"We must not forget that these environments offer us valuable services, which help to improve our quality of life"

He reaffirmed his fierce commitment and that of his team, determined to fight for the protection of the climate and biodiversity.

"We are not the owners of our planet but simple tenants. We have a duty to pass it on, preserved, to future generations."

"It is our responsibility in the face of history, protecting the environment must be our daily struggle, because the consequences are visible and humanity is heading towards disaster."

"Long live collective and individual awareness for a healthy, sustainable and livable world,while encouraging an intelligent exploitation of natural resources in the Adamawa region". Regional Delegate for Enviroment, Adamawa Region.

By Katakap Heritier

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