NW Regional Hospital: Needy Patients Recieve aid from Bamenda II Mayor

Partial View of Recipients

Over 64 deprived/disadvantaged persons from amongst patients of the medical institution, NW Regional Hospital Bamenda were identified and have benefitted from the largesse of the Bamenda II Mayor, who donated 1million Cfa francs to facilitate in the process of them getting medication.

Mayor Chenwi Peter (in Yellow) hands gift to Hospital's Director

Dr Denis Nsame says the ongoing armed conflict has cause the health facility to incurre bills, because some patients have not been able to afford their medication. He added that the donation from the Mayor will help these persons get their lab test done and also get medication.

"The Regional Hospital Bamenda is a 400 bed hospital capacity with a staff of over 500 and 37 doctors. In 2018, the hospital incurred over 72 million Cfa francs of unpaid bills, in 2019 we incurred 39 million Cfa francs of unpaid bills and 2020 we incurred 31 million. Now the first quarter of 2021, we have already more than 9 million Cfa francs of unpaid bills."

"The hospital treats first and follows payment later, yet it has to do cost recovery, the pharmacy drugs have reduced and the number of reagent, cannot be bought anymore." He added

The social action service group at the NW Regional Hospital identified the poor and needy among these patients benefitting from their services in order for them to get aid offered by the Bamenda II Mayor.

"There are people who cannot undergo their petty buisnesses given the crisis because of the frequent ghost towns and lock downs, reason they cannot afford their bills". Dr Denis added.

In line with responding to the specific needs of these patients, the Mayor made promises to yield to distress calls from the hospital, observing that the job done by doctors and nurses is known to be noble.

"We visited patients because at the level of the council we recieved over 300 bills of patients pending payment and we needed to get to the field and assist them. We cannot talk of constructing the Northwest region when we don't have people who are strong."

"It's our job to serve humanity, so we needed to mobilize to help them, some are suffering because of displacement and with no sustainability, they need assistance." Mayor Bamenda II.

The hospital's management was appreciated for the meaningful reforms and actions taken for the welfare of the users of the institution.

While the Mayor visited the hospital wards and encouraged the efforts the Director and team, Dr Denis Nsame used the opportunity to present a development plan for the Regional hospital, to give it another phase the plan earned the support of the Mayor.

By Bamenjo Petronila

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