NW Regional Assembly Votes 3 Billion Francs Cfa as 2021 Budget

The Northwest Regional House of Assembly has voted a budget that would be a take off point for those involved in management, better planning and development of the region.

In consideration of the existence of the finance committee, the head of the finance committee and other members were involved not just in drawing up the budget but in the training that government offered 6 weeks before the exercise.

Despite the hitted debate in the House as to whether the budget should be adopted, Prof Fru Angwafor III, President of the Regional Council Executive says the draft Budget was prepared 4 days ago when it was finally adopted in the terms of working document.

"We have to work with the ministry of decentralization and local development, elements of the budget were redone, restructured 4 days ago and the head of the finance committee of the divisional house was present and active".

The councillors were disturbed about adopting a budget without the adoption of the standing orders of the House while other felt that it was a foul play that a budget is  presented to them at the eve of the voting.

The President only reminded them that "if you wanted a budget done and sent in 15days before, then we would not have our budget before the 15 of june as prescribed by the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development".

Reading from the text, "the deliberative organ shall be conveyed atleast 15days prior to the holding of the budgetary session during which the budget shall be adopted, this period maybe reduced to 3days in case of emergency".

This statement laid to rest the fears of Regional Councilors who were agitating that the budget be given to them to scrutinize.

In strict compliance of all the regulations and in managing the exigencies and constraints of the day, the Regional Executive countcil made sure that all the composition of the session were available so that a budget that respects the cannons, can be a budget for the people.

Jude Waindim Nsom, Questor of the Regional Assembly said alot will be put in place when the house will start collecting it's own revenue.

"We budgeted on what government provided because we are not yet collecting our own revenue, by the time we start collecting all the taxes, we will be able to do our things our own way. All our Fons will be able to get the salary they require but for now let's we work within the armbit of the law" Questor Regional Assembly.

Njingum Mussa, Questor of the National Assembly and who has a statutory role to play as advicer said there shouldn't be a call for alarm given the circumstances and challenges faced in the region.

"There are too many challenges but we must start with a little step and see how we can correct the challenges gradually. Your budget is nothing, it looks just like a functional budget. The budget is very meager, we have to do everything to mobilize resources for you to function well. We have to sacrifice, listen to your President for now and work on the budget" he urged Regional Councilors.

"We are available at every moment and we will assist you to function. We have to work with the budget like that, given the circumstances we find ourselves." He added.

The Budget was adopted while standing orders of the house will be sort on Day 3 of the Extraordinary session.

By Bamenjo Petronila


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