Anglophone Crisis: Elites In Kumbo Indexed by the Army

After a military operation dubbed "Kumbo Clean" in Bui, two prelates, a traditional chief and some elites are accused by the army of being in alliance with the armed separatist groups.

A few factors militate in favor of this reality. Geographically, Colonel Mathian said, “BUI is in the center of the Northwest region and from there one can easily access other departments such as Donga Mountung, Ngoketunjia, Boyo and even Mezam."

"The border with Nigeria is not far from here. Other factors, in this department on the cultural level; the uniqueness of the language makes that the "Banso" are easily understood, the messages circulate easily including the slogans which come from outside or inside".

"The other factor which is topographical. You cannot go a kilometer without climbing a hill or without descending another which gives the opposition forces an advantage over the defense and security forces which are on the move all the time, they are in their homeland and they master it perfectly"

"There is the fact that the people of this division have adhered more than others to the ideology of separatism. Unfortunately not only the population adhered to it but even certain elites inside and outside seem to be united with the population to resist the authority of the state."

"The prelates, traditional chiefs participate and one does not feel the elite making an effort to silence this tendency. As part of this operation you have certainly learned, there is a traditional chief who abandoned his village and his Palace; the Fon de Nsem whose connection with the opposition forces is no longer to be demonstrated. "

"During this operation, there are also two prelates who are indexed for their connections with terrorists, these are some examples that make the Bui more than like other divisions a locality that deserves more attention."

"According to our information and analysis, the opposition forces want to make this department an example, a locality that they would like to seize and settle, then make a splash on the other departments. "

These words, Colonel Mathian Charles revealed them to General Nka Valère, who came down to the field in Kumbo on June 15, 2021.

In Kumbo, operations have already been going on for a month. Four soldiers killed, many separatists neutralized according to the army, but the civilian population toll is not yet known.

According to Brigadier General Nka Valère, commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, "Kumbo clean is an operation instructed by Lieutenant General Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces." And that the objective of the operation is for the protection of the population and the pacification of the department of Bui, which has become the epicenter of the separatist conflict in the region.

"It is a legitimate, just and noble legal mission which consists in protecting the Cameroonians their property and in protecting the territorial integrity of our dear and beautiful country Cameroon, nothing should distract us in the execution of this noble mission”.

“Kumbo clean” launched since May 15, 2021 took place after two other major operations, notably operation “Ngoke-Bui” last year and Bui I conducted at the end of February beginning of March 2021.
According to Colonel Mathian Charles Alain, commander of the 51st Brim.

"In spite of these two major operations, you have noticed that the department of Bui remains very polluted and security developments in recent months have shown that Bui has become the epicenter of irredentism in the NWR, hence the choice of this third major operation" he added.

Culled from Nouvelle Expression

Picture Credit: Mnews237

By Ndefru Melanie


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