Fundong Council: The Isiabal-Ndio Road Moves to Another Phase

The Mayor of Fundong Council, Mayor Denis Awoh Ndang has made an appraisal of the 7km Isiabal-Ndio road, that engaged the labour-based approach to concretize the road.


"I have visited works on the Isiabal road which is over 7k stretch and I am very impressed with the works that has been done so far, I believe it will finish on time. This road will help many indegenes of this place and engaging them in this project, will urge them to protect and maintain it" Mayor Denis, Fundong Council

That approach has realised a project; the second bridge on the Isaibal-Ndio road. The second road construction project that has applied this HIMO/Labour based practice in the Municipality, has employed and fed several families in Fundong. 

Using the labour based approach,
"the project was design to involve over 200 youths, but as work progressed, over 600 workers got involved; with old men and women involved, including people living with disability". Mayor of Fundong Council.

The purpose behind this approach is to engage and Optimize human community labour towards an effective economic spill off in local communities.

According to the Mayor, development is recorded on a daily basis on the ongoing roadwork project, which has now moved to another phase.

"Bikes can now carry over 6 trips of sand per day from the river in the area and sell. This new innovation is gradually employing the youths of this area, which will also bring back development in the community."

The Isiabal-Ndio Road is a farm to market road which will be extended to create employment of youths and others will engage in the selling of sand.

By Ndefru Melanie


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