Ngaoundéré II Mayor Launches Drainage Works in His Jurisdiction

Floods in Ngaoundéré II municipality has forced it's Mayor, Idrisou Abana to commence drainage works in his area.

The 2nd district municipal council, launched a clean up excercise,  cleaning of the gutters to facilitate the evacuation of rainwater, with same exercise taking place in Djalingo Zones and at the banana station.

The Clean-Up excercise was followed by an awareness campaign and monitoring, to bring the populations to be agents of change, while enduring maintenance of the gutters.

The area being accustomed to flooding every rainy season, the populations of the capital of Adamawa are adopting initiatives to seek shelter.

Each year, the town hall provides a financial envelope of about a million Francs from its budget, to manage gutters.  

“Since practically 2017, we have been 15 and 20 kilometers (from pastoral channels). This year we are 14 kilometers away, given the means we have." The Mayor said. 

Mayor Idrisou Abana invites the population "to be agents of change by contributing to the maintenance of the gutters and after the drainage of the gutters, there will be a follow-up", promised the mayor.

“We have planned for some time, to do routine checks with a team from the town hall to see those who deteriorate our gutters to pass out  water from the toilets".

He indicated that sanctions have already been initiated against the culprits.

 "The municipality has been given the task to intervene at this level and also given substantial means in terms of fuel and logistical resources, for the work," said the mayor.

For the cleaning and maintenance of the gutters in this district, the mayor called for the contribution of associations and residents living near these gutters. 

Mahamadi Moussa, resident in the area, praised the mayor's approach and initiative, which is a benefit to the population in his jurisdiction.

 "When you look at the gutters near the tracks, when it rains and the gutters are filled with water, we manage to clean these gutters. The water can easily be evacuated and this will protect the populations from flooding. ”said Mr. Moussa, an inhabitant of the area.

By Katakap Heritier

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