Light Outreach Foundation Equips Women with Entrepreneurial Skills

Over 2000 Women in Cameroon, with about 200 from each region are the target population of Light Outreach Foundation International (LOFI), to train women and girls on Entrepreneurship and later select 10 best buisness plans among these for sponsorship.

A serminar dubbed Empowerment of the Girl Child for Sustainability and Development, was organized on June 17th 2021 in Bamenda,  Northwest Region of Cameroon and realized the attendance of over 100 women and girls, who showed up to get equiped on Entrepreneurial skills.

Light outreach foundation started 2014 with the vision to restore the hope of widows, orphans and vulnerable persond, and also fight for the right of the girl child and  orphans in particular, while helping street children.

These women and girls have gradually become the most vulnerable group of persons in the course of the Anglophone crisis, turned and armed conflict, who need assistance and a trauma healing course.

"We have the go ahead from the Minister of Social Affairs which was given to us last month, to do the launching on the day of the African child so that it can match with the theme of the African child for this season"

"I will love the women to get the basic knowledge of who an Entrepreneur is and what it takes to start up a business, to grow a business and to write a good business plan that would attract funding and then, the principles of success". Pastot Nkeh Thomas, CEO of LOFI.

it is expected that, after the training, these Women and Girls will be given the opportunity to write their own business plans which they would submit at the foundation's office and 10 best business plans will be selected for sponsorship that would range between 200,000 frs and 100,000 frs cfa.

"Since 2014 we started with 2 orphans and a widow, recently we sponsored over 100 orphans in School last year, fed over 1500 widows in December 2021".

"I desire to see 200 young girls starting up their own businesses and that by 2022, over 200 young entrepreneurs would be existing in Cameroon and that would bring to the nation development and nation growth".

Participants shared their opinion about the training with civiclens, saying they have been morally empowered to start their own business.

"I have been empowered morally, I have gotten information on how to start a business and how to be an Entrepreneur ,paramountly I have been given an opportunity to write a project that would certainly be realized, acquiring the skills is a guarantee because it would be funded." Sirri Glory, attendee.

"This training on Entrepreneurship is going a long way to also fight against violence. When they would be able to establish their own businesses and follow them up successfully, they would not be subject to any abuse or violence of anykind because they will become contributors to development, to their families and the level of tension in families would automatically reduce", Nkawta Rebecca, Regional Delegate for Women Affairs.

By Bamenjo Petronila

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