Ngaoundéré: Stone Breaking, a Job All Age Groups Take

In Many districts of the region, flows this income-generating activity- stone breaking, practiced by children and women, sometimes men, to be able to make ends meet.

Most are young people of school going age, who indulge in this activity, risking their lives, in the dust and under the scourging sun, with some of the crushers being less than 10 years old.

Under the scourging Sun, the sounds of their hammers against the concrete - gathered in different sites - resonate.

Under the oppressive sun, children work every day; there are no other ways out. The site for men remains poorly constructed and children seize the opportunity to break concrete into small pieces and resell to meet the daily family needs.

The maneuver is painful and tiring, after the intense efforts with a hammer, the concrete is reduced to small rubbles.

Sitting on the floor, the children wield the hammer like blacksmiths; some in Fulbe language, give reasons for their presence there.

Hissène, 6 years old, is one of those involved with the job: "We are here every day to break concrete. There is no other job for us, it is only here and customers are scarce in these times. You see a bag of cement filled at 750 Fcfa, some generous buyers take it back for 1000 or 1250 Fcfa ".

"We go to great lengths to reduce the concrete or large stones into small pieces, but the most difficult is the sell," explains DJAFAROU.

"We buy the concrete carrier at 5000 Fcfa and customers want to negotiate at the lowest price. Only Allah can get us out of this poverty but not Rulers of this country" affirms DJAFAROU.

In the opinion of a buyer, this situation is paradoxical for a country in the basement which abounds in wealth.

He invites authorities to go down to the various neighborhoods to inquire about the notorious poverty of the population who live 50% of resourcefulness.

By Katakap Heritier

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