Wum Council: Mayor Dighambong Anthony Embarks on Village Tour to Empower Local Leaders

The Lord Mayor of Wum Council, Dighambong Anthony Mvo, has embarked on an extensive tour to formally install members of the neighborhood or Village Development Committees (VDCs) in various villages within Wum Municipality.

The tour commenced on a carefully planned schedule with the first installation ceremony taking place on Friday May 17. This important initiative is aimed at empowering local communities through the establishment of functional VDCs, which will play a crucial role in promoting grassroots development and citizen participation as well as ensuring effective implementation of the Council's policies and programs at the village level.

Each VDC will consist of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer and several members selected from the community to represent diverse interests and ensure inclusiveness.

The Lord Mayor's tour is expected to cover all villages within Wum Council area with the aim of establishing and strengthening VDCs that will serve as the foundation for sustainable development in Wum.

Details and pictures from OJslim

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