Hon Wallang Richard donates consignment of medical equipment, drugs to the Benakuma district hospital.

This donation coincided with the home coming of senator Kobenge Sekedi of Menchum to meet the people of Menchum valley at the Benakuma grandstand.

Hon wallang told the people of Menchum valley that for any meaningful development to be achieved, peace remains primordial adding that the people of Menchum valley should be ambassadors of peace.

He emphasized that there is nothing more than peace while insisting that war has never been a solution to any problem and regretted the fact that Benakuma which was a fast growing town is now a shadow of itself.

To the elite, this and more are reasons why there is need for all sons and daughters of Menchum valley to work towards a return of peace and normalcy in their area. Hon wallang said all the problems raised from roads, electricity, water and others can only be achieved in a peaceful environment.

What to note is that every village in the municipality has an educational infrastructure. Hon wallang condemned those who spend time on social media insulting their leaders instead of contributing their own quota to the growth and development of their communities.

From the grandstand, the member of parliament visited the Benakuma district hospital to officially hand the consignment to the hospital authorities. He also visited the different wards with a message of comfort while wishing them speedy recovery.

Patients recieved financial assistance. The head of the unit Dr Fogoum Jodel expressed gratitude to the member of parliament adding that the items donated will help to handle the pressing needs of the health facility.

Hon wallang Richard promised to do more in the days ahead not only in the health sector but in all other aspects that will help ameliorate the living conditions of the people of Menchum valley.

Accompanied by a senior State functionary, Mr Akwa Patrick, board chair of CAMWATER, both are elite of Menchum encouraging the local population to remain a peaceful community amidst the challenges faced in the given political context.

Details by Emmanuel Nji

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