Mounouna Foutsou launches the offensive against irregular emigration in Dschang

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou chaired the launch ceremony of the Citizen and Patriotic Migrations operation on May 13, 2024, coupled with the closing of the regional Bootcamp (West-North-West), and the signing of partnership agreements as part of the strengthening of the biometric youth card.

The “Citizen and Patriotic Migrations” operation is one of the innovations of National Day 2024. It aims to carry out concerted actions with a view to reconstructing the perception that Cameroonians in general and young people in particular have of their country with a view to to fight against irregular migration and supervise citizen, patriotic, safe, orderly and regular migration. 

With the assistance of the International Organization of Migration Oim, Minjec intends during this operation which takes place throughout the territory, to instill the notion of “patriotic migration” in young Cameroonians, so that they can emigrate having the heart in Cameroon and attached to the homeland. 

At the end of the discussions, young people were asked to dare to seek the right information from approved structures because the opportunities do indeed exist. As complaints, young people called on the government to move from the fundamental theoretical set to practical lessons from secondary or even primary school. 

Also young people insisted on being involved in the decision-making process. The financial aspect was also mentioned.

During this day, the question of promoting the import-Substitution policy was also on the agenda with the closing of the Bootcamp of the Youth Connekt Cameroon initiative.

This initiative aims to encourage the emulation of young people in the creation of businesses and the development of Made in Cameroon and the implementation of the import/substitution policy, makes it possible to select the best project proposals from young people from these two regions which will challenge with their peers at the national level in December 2024. 

“Accelerate the connection of young men and women to opportunities”. This is the presentation of Youth Connekt, by Emmanuel Batake, Youth Connekt Expert. 

We note that in this bootcamp, the aim was to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities of young people while allowing them to become business champions. 

There was also the question of supporting 200 young people for the North-West and West pole. The contents of this bootcamp focused on reboot training, but also the organization of technical sessions on the ideation and maturation of projects, but also coaching of success stories. At the end of this, 10 best projects were chosen in different categories.

Another highlight of this day of May 13 was the signing of partnership agreements between Minjec and certain institutions (University of Dschang, Nanfah University Institute, Rural Investment credit, Digital Shop), aimed at further strengthening the Card ecosystem. 

Young Biometrics which is a financial inclusion tool which offers young holders comparative advantages and access to products and services at preferential or zero cost.


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