Ahead of National Day 2024: MINJEC Boss installs Regional Youth Council, West Region

Mounouna Foutsou in the West Region.

He has on May 13th 2024 officially installed of the very first Regional Youth Council in the West Region. A ceremony rich in symbols and commitments, orchestrated by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou.

By installing the maiden Youth Council, the Western region becomes the fourth in the country to take this crucial step. A major step forward welcomed by Mounouna Foutsou, for whom this initiative perfectly embodies President Paul Biya's vision of a youth "spearhead of the Nation".

With 90 young advisors from all sociological components of the region, the Youth Council of West Region aims to be resolutely inclusive and representative.

Mounouna Foutsou did not fail to reaffirm the government's total commitment to youth. “The MINJEC is and will always remain open to any initiative that contributes to the development of young people ,” he insisted, while calling on young advisors to be “ambassadors of peace” in the current pre-electoral context. 

The Youth Council is an incubator of citizenship and leadership.

Beyond the symbolic aspect, the Youth Council aims to be a real space of learning and action for young people. 

As pointed out by Jules Hilaire Focka Focka, president of the Western Regional Council, these young people will have the difficult task of “coaching their peers” and proposing innovative projects for the development of the region. An exhilarating mission, for which they have been carefully trained beforehand in “ Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmament”.

The birth certificate, passport to citizenship.

On the sidelines of this ceremony, Mounouna Foutsou also chaired a “minute of civics” dedicated to the systematic registration of births. A crucial fight for MINJEC, which aspires to provide each Cameroonian child with this precious key that is the birth certificate. There is no doubt that the young regional advisors will be effective.

This ceremony in Bafoussam undeniably marks a turning point in the civic participation of young people in Cameroon. With Mounouna Foutsou at the helm and resolutely committed young people, the West is charting the path to more inclusive and participatory governance. Enough to encourage vocations in other regions of the country.


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