Mounouna Foutsou chairs launch of National Dat activities in West Region

Fongo-Tongo is a place in Menoua, West region of Cameroon, a place that was host to the launch of National Day activities, civil celebrations in Cameroon. The 52nd national holiday is carries a sign of unity and cohesion.

The host town has characteristics that is said to embody Cameroonian living together. Indigenous and non-native people live side by side in perfect harmony, ignoring differences. A symbiosis celebrated with pomp on the day of launching.

Presiding over the event, Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou delivered a speech, exalting the values of unity and patriotism to the President of the Republic, H.E President Paul Biya. This is to set the tone for festivities placed under the evocative theme “Army and Nation: Together for a united, peaceful and prosperous Cameroon”.

From the civic minute to the installation of the Youth Municipal Council through the great crossroads of living together, the program of festivities was full of meaningful activities. Sense of civic commitment with the provision of certificates to motorcycle drivers trained in first aid. Sense of solidarity with the provision of support to organized groups. All crowned by the long-awaited distribution of biometric youth cards, a key to youth empowerment.

In the opinion of the participants, this ceremony will remain engraved in memories. Because beyond the speeches and symbols, it is all the genius of Cameroon that was expressed in Fongo-Tongo. 

This unique ability to turn our differences into strength, to draw from our traditions the cement of our unity. 

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