Fighting Hatespeech and Xenophobia, Another Milestone Towards Peace

"When a people's resources are embezzled, room is given for hate speech. If we must build this nation we should all reflect, for those who continue to propagate violence then their place is not in this nation." Barrister Halle Nicodemus Ndessi.

By this reflection, when the local population is being taken advantage of or do not find the means in meeting their needs or don't enjoy the privileges of being citizens of a country, there is bound to be hate. 

This is seemingly the minds of people who have traveled the Bamenda-Babadjou road for several years and have noticed no change, the taxi drivers who pay "tithes" at every check point in Bamenda with some of them being bullied or molested.

These facts that give birth to hate language is one of the reasons why a team from the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (NCPBM) was dispatched from Yaoundé to the Northwest region, to sort ways to settle the dust.

David Abouem A. Tchoyi, Head of mission and Bar. Nico Halle embarked on a Communication campaign against Hatespeech and Xenophobia, gave room to key stakeholders to express their worry over this canckerworm that has eaten deep into the society, in the course of the armed conflict.

Points on marginalization, tribalism, wasting state resources, depriving others of the national cake, that has led to poverty, frustration, exclusion, little/no satisfaction, unemployment are factors driving people to develop the use of hate language and develop xenophobic tendencies.

"We are all responsible for the present predicament, but we all hide our faces, because we don't want to loose our appointments and benefits. If I respect you, I should tell you the truth". Bar. Nico Halle

The seperatists are in the bushes carrying arms and fighting while so many seminars are holding with several speakers giving lectures on how to end the crisis. Yet the fear remains that, reccomendations of these different meetings that held or hold in Bamenda have not reached the right quarters, for solutions.

The Questor of the Regional House of Assembly, Jude Waindim, representing Professor Fru Angwafor, President of the Regional House of Assembly, clearly stated that "its all about greed."

"When the central committee turns Elections into Selections, they incite hatespeech without knowing and consequently the common man will develop hate and disrespect for leaders who were not elected but imposed on them."

Mbah Eric, a lawyer said "as long as some cameroonians feel like landlords and make others feel like tenants, attaining peace will become more challenging, the fundamental issue is about sense of belonging".

According to him, the common man must be empowered through their Fons because the respect given to the Fons is ligitimate. Because to him, disrespecting a Fon is one of the aspects that gives rise to Hatespeech.

"When I see a D.O or an S.D.O disrespecting the Fon, I hate it. Keeping the Fon waiting, especially  when there is a problem. The Fons need to be empowered and given  authority over their people." Mbah Eric.

The City Mayor, Paul Achobang did not fail to mention the roads, after telling the advisory board how hatespeech has eaten deep into churches, where most part of "the clergy, religious authorities that are suppose to be morally upright, rather incite voilence".

"If u want to talk of hatespeech and Xenophobia, first fix the mess at your backyard, fix the road". City Mayor.

A youth representative from Tubah subdivision and media personalities did not leave out their own quota as to why Hatespeech continues to generate in every aspect of the soaciety, for not being given the pride of place to show their competence or get empowered by government.

Being an advisory body to the Head of State, President Paul Biya,the promoters of multiculturalism promised to channel the worries and reccomendations raised to hierarchy.

NCPBM created by presidential decree on January 23rd 2017,  headed by Senator Peter Mafany Musonge plays an advisory role to the president of the republic. It is now expected that feedback of the  campaign against Hatespeech will be reverted after due concertations.

By Ndefru Melanie


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