Youth Affairs Minister Salutes Determination of Youths Excelling within The Three-Year Special Youth Plan

Fouatsa Kenne Isabelle, used over 6 million Cfa frs of to develop an agency for communication and a hall equipped with sports equipment, a center for the digital economy in Bonamoussadi, "Rise media communication", for the production of gadgets advertising and communication media.

Pascaline Nenda, has opened a food processing center in the Logpom in Douala II, for the manufacture of some basic products, based on local flour and cereals of wheat, plantain, potato... 100% natural.

Kota Agnès, the funding received from the special three-year plan for young people enabled her to open a modern hairdressing and aesthetics center in Logbessou, in which she now employs many other young people, in the field of massages and treatments, body care for women and children, pending extension to mixed care, men and women.

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, was overwhelmed by the dynamism, ingenuity and creative spirit of these young people, especially women, who succeeded in transforming their potentials and their talents, knowledge, into real sources of wealth production.

Using the funding received from the special three-year plan for young people, which is now concrete, in view of the achievements of these success stories from Douala.

Mounouna Foutsou also took the opportunity to congratulate and encourage the young Jasmine Mamfoko, who, with funding of 10 million FCFA, received in October 2020, from the special three-year youth plan, set up a high quality agro-pastoral farm, in Missolè II in Douala, with 46 pigs, a hundred poultry, several varieties of ducks and an extension in fish farming.

All these beneficiaries thanked the government in turn, via the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, for this financial and technical support, which they received, through the special three-year plan for young people, which is a concrete reality.

For a good social framework and a good integration of the young people of the district of Douala II, a Multifunctional Promotion Center was opened and according to the Minister, "Places where young people meet and develop, structures for civic and entrepreneurial moral rearmament, comprehensive training centers for young people, who learn there knowledge, skills and attitudes."

"In other words, these are the structures which participate in the formation of the accomplished citizen. This is proof of the Head of State's desire to provide local and quality supervision to the youth of this district. I ask you young people from Douala II to make good use of it. " MINJEC.

While the economic city of Douala lives under the yoke of insecurity, which for the most part is caused by young people, this center is timely because it will allow those without jobs to be supervised.

However, it would be necessary to indicate that this Center will reinforce the actions of the National Youth Council of Cameroon-In Douala II.

This architectural gem is an achievement of the Special Youth Triennial Plan.

By Ndefru Melanie

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