World Music Day: Youths Share Different Messages Percieved From Singing

As over 130 countries took part in the World Music Day celebrations, Youths continue to nuture courage and passion to build their skills in singing.

Music is considered Food for the Soul and the event revived the traditional music genre, while helping in bringing new musical trends, artists at the fore front. 

Music seem to be a ministry on its own, it is food for the soul and when ministering to people, the lyrics or message of the song will need to communicate to the individual first.

Singing songs will not be of benefit of the individual is not being passionate about the message in the song, paying attention to how it is sent out or recieved, as it is intended to relieve one of stress.

Christabel Lem, a music artist says, " I choose music because I am passionate about it and I know through my music ministry, I can get to bless others. I pray through this, I will get to bring others close to God's Kingdom".

Out there in the world, people are easily carried away by the aspect of music. Music based on the word of God easily brings people closer to God.

She further says, "Music easily gets me into the mood of worship". She further reveals that it is a passion to her because it is a ministry on its own, lives are blessed through music.

According to Ekungwe Cyril, he says, " Music brings life to my soul especially Godly oriented songs". People have various spiritual gifts. To him, he uses music more to fellowship with God and affirm his Faith. Questions as to whether his life is dependent on music often arise. But to him, music is what attracts him to Christ.

Music is made up of words, talking to Laura, she reveals that, when she thinks of music, she does not put interest in rythm and sound. Words are things that can build you up and make you happy.

"We were born from words and live by words. What gives me interest in music is that I enjoy the words".

Music is something that can uplift your spirit and equally uplifts a person when sad, gives joy and relaxation.

By Fozao Vaniela

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