NW Regional Assembly to Serve as a Joker, End Anglophone Crisis turned Armed Conflict

"This house can give it's opinion on things that concern the national territory while the other 8 regions don't, that is the special status and you are organized to function differently, you have 2 houses, while the orders don't have".

A greater part of the local population in Bamenda have always wondered and asked what "Special status" is all about, explanations to this was revealed as an extraordinary session opened on June 1st 2021 at the Northwest Regional Assembly.

Prof. Fru Angwafo III gave room for councilors to table their worries, with corresponding answers from the Director of Human resources at the Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development, Cho Ernest Ngu on Standby to give answers.

Despite all the convincing words from the Director, the councilors called on the Ministry to factor in the six months that has been spent without any adequate work being done

"we were voted in December and here we are today in June at the point of take-off. How will will catch up with these months that have been lost without any activity?"

Another councilor noted that it will be busy if their first year in office comes to an end without them creating an impact in their Divisions.

The issue as to whether the Regional Assembly was an event or an institution, will be solved when its budget will be voted during the 3 day extra ordinary session.

The budget will enable Regional councilors meet up with the expectations and aspirations of the local population, looking up to the Regional Council to yield fruits and soften the hearts of North Westerners who have been involved in an armed conflict for five years now.

Professor Fru Angwafor III, President of the Regional Council Executive believes that a change of mindset can open new doors for ideas, in order to better develop the Northwest Region.

"The ball is in our court, every child listens to lessons and get them differently. I truly believe we are special and I think we need that autonomy but if this should be, we need a change of mindset".

"We have spent 5months listening to everyone, the population, all the stakeholders and we have a particularity that our Regional Assembly is made up of two chambers: the House of Chiefs and the House of Divisional Representatives".

"When you look at its geographic structure and a population representation of the region, it means that we are in a position to get the information that we need to process and get solutions". Professor Fru Angwafor III.

In the course of the 3day extra ordinary session, Councilors will vote their budget for 2021 and adopt the standing orders of the house, which are expected to reflect local realities.

By Ndefru Melanie

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