Over 300million Cfa Envisaged to Revamp Education In the Northwest

Jude Waindim, Questor of Northwest Regional Assembly, has disclosed during a 3day extraordinary session in Bamenda that in order to "Increase the supply of Education at the Regional level, a whopping some of 305million" has been previewed for the project.

Mentioning that, the above amount will include visibily studies for the construction and equiping of 7 laboratories and workshops of technical colleges in the 7divisions of the Northwest region, including the realization of feasibility studies for the rehabilitation of destroyed schools in the Northwest region.

"Rehabilitation of destroyed classrooms in all the 7 division through intensive labour approach, promotion of literacy, promotion of technical and vocational training, feasibility studies for the creation of 1 regional vocational training centre and rehabilitate vocational training centres vandalized in all 7 divisions of the Northwest region".

According to the President of the Regional Council Executive, Prof. Fru Angwafor III it is important to work with the Regional Delegation of Secondary education of Northwest region, because they have the necessary statistics and data needed to improve in the education sector.

"It is in working with the delegation and working with other stakeholders, proprietors of schools, the PTA's and others that we will overcome. The Regional Assembly comes in as another actor, a catalyst to push what is already going on"

"The bill on regional assemblies on local authorities specifies that the Regional Assembly is responsible for secondary and vocational education and I am quite convinced that if we give the necessary push, we will get back to the glorious days when our main industry in the North West region was education".

The Regional Assembly will therefore delve into the social, economic and education sectors and through its budget, expected to be reliable, it will solve the worries of the local population. 

By Ndefru Melanie

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