Adamawa Region: Students Appreciate BERNI Company for Ngaoundéré-Dang Road Site

Ngaoundéré-Dang road of hope, construction work on the section linking the city center of the regional capital of Adamawa to the university village of Dang is nearing completion.

Political actors, operators, economics, residents and students are already excited on this achievement financed by the BIP and executed by the company BERNI CONSTRUCTION.

Indeed, the new route of "hope" or "knowledge" will not only facilitate communication between the northern regions of the country, but in addition, increase economic exchanges between Cameroon and its sister Republic of Chad.

The governor of the Adamaoua region Kildadi Taguiéké Boukar paid a visit to the Ngaoundéré-Dang road site to assess the quality of the work, where he evaluated that over 80% of the work was already completed on the 6 km road allocated to the Berni construction company.

The company used the occasion to also announce the start of work on the remaining 6.5km in a few days. This road axis, once completed, will reduce the mobility difficulties of students and economic operators on this international corridor.

6 km long, is part of a two-construction package relating to the rehabilitation of road infrastructure in the region as work began less than 5 months ago and will end in mid-June.

"The project is executed by the company BERNI CONSTRUCTION, who won the tender. The construction of the road is entering its last phase, its materialization phase, If we are to believe Mr. IBRAHIMA, public works engineer and head of the Technical Office, who specified that most of the work has already been carried out. approximately 80% complete" Governor.

The manager of the company, Serge Armand Nvolo want to reassured himself about the respect of the deadline for the delivery of the work.

"Before long, we will have finished the materialization, We will then use the months of June for social actions for the populations living on the edge of the Dang road".

For many actors, this route is of capital importance. For those who trade across borders, in the opinion of the Mayor of Ngaoundéré III, M. Bassirou "the completion of this road will strengthen on the one hand the exchanges between my municipality and the urban center of the city and on the other hand, the exchanges between the northern regions, a hub of border exchanges".

As for the populations, they see the construction of this road as a major event.

“The road is a great contribution to the development of the Ngaoundéré III Council. The construction of this infrastructure is accompanied, among other things, by sanitation and drainage, which has a positive impact on the health of the population” explains, the 2nd deputy of the 3rd district of Ngaoundéré.

Public carriers are among those who are most satisfied with this road as “SOTUBA” transport company inaugurated other transport vehicles, which now becomes easier for students to reach Dang Tower easily.

In addition, all along the new road, small economic activities will flourish subsequently. Merchants, sellers of prepaid phone cards, accessories for cars and motorcycles, tire repairers and others are gradually taking up residence there.

Before the efforts of this construction company, the road had given rise to violent actions on the part of the population of dang commune. For economic benefits, the latter wanted the new route to offer employment to young people in the municipality, development.

By Ibrahim Sadjo

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