63 Medals Awarded In Adamawa Region as Nation's Recognition

The medal award ceremony took place at the courtyard of the Adamawa Governor's office.

A total of 63 medals were awarded by the governor of the Adamawa region Kildadi Taguieke Boukar to meritorious citizens,  while respecting Covid-19 barrier measures.

The said medal award ceremony was done on the 28th, 8 days later and no matter the delay the excitement of the 63 recipients and their families was not affected.

The Citizens received recognition of the Nation. Starting with the order of valor then the Cameroon order of Merit, Agricultural order Merit, Sports order Merit, and medal of Merit of the Public Forces.

Distinctions for individuals recruited from all categories of society, both public and private: local elected officials, civil society actors, religious authorities, civil servants, politicians, economic operators.

Among those decorated was the Regional Delegate of Women's Empowerment and the family for Adamawa, Joel Dawa Knighted in the Cameroon Order of Merit.

"This decoration means that when we take action, when we work for the country, it is recognized. I thank the Head of State. It puts pressure on me to have to do even better.
As a man in the service of families and women, I am touched by this decoration. The promotion and defense of the rights and education of the latter are the greatest values ​​for our region and our future generations"

Among other beneficiaries, Bobo Jean from the Adamawa Regional Fund for Health promotion.

"This medal is no doubt the best honor I have received in my personal and professional life. It is for me and for my family the source of immense pride. It has reflected on my profession at the national fund. I am very grateful to the Head of State for having awarded me this prestigious distinction".

The Commander, Mefire Ebenezer of the Ngaoundéré road platoon decorated with Medal of Merit of the Public Forces.

"I thank God first of all, I thank the Head of State for the honor given to me in recognition of the work we are doing. The motorized platoons ensure traffic and road safety missions on the road and motorway network, a job that needs the support of all".

By Ibrahim Sadjo


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