Ethno-Hairdressing Regional Office Installed

"Virtuous beauty has the right to double homage", an 1855 saying. Being beautiful or beautiful without making the planet ugly is better. In Adamawa the cliché of women and girls continuing to spread all kinds of substances on their skin for personal hygiene and to feel better about themselves has become commonplace. 

Industrialization has amplified this phenomenon, which has now become the source of motivation that drives the members of the Northern regional offices of the Cameroonian association for Ethno-hairdressing installed in their new functions.

Installed in the conference room of the Regional center for the promotion of Women and the Family for Adamawa after training under the supervision of the Governor of the region accompanied by the regional delegate of Arts and Culture. 

Reactions from Houreinatou
3rd deputy mayor of Dang Council in Ngaoundéré.

"The African woman who walks in our streets must proudly embody our heritage through her forms, her voice, her complexion and especially her hair. Our continent is rich in culture and the African woman needs this to build and establish her confidence, her self-esteem and her beauty, which has never ceased to inspire in the silence many other people, who today take a ticket for a trip".

Hetty Mengue Edou is the promoter of the natural cosmetics startup.

"Previously, we were invisible and today the balance in power has changed, thanks to the presence of young startups working in natural cosmetics. Beyond the sharing of knowledge, we advise women and girls who have problems to let go of their suffering. Be it in relation to burns or the lack of suitable products. Our exchanges have helped many women to discover a facet of their own beauty and identity, a new vision of black beauty".

Masou Cristel is the
North Regional President of this association.

"Talking about beauty is mostly about image and self-esteem. We are the only community in the world to have rejected, tortured and manhandled our hair with straighteners and our skin with lightening products".

"Reason being that we have not been taught to love them, but our association will summarize its field of action in Garoua around discussions and workshops with women on their aesthetic practices, to give them new perspectives in terms of care and maintenance, a multiplication of black beauty enhancement initiatives will be undertaken so that the population becomes aware".

The Adamawa Regional President said "Little by little in Ngaoundéré, we will bring the woman in the region closest to paradise to look at herself in a mirror, to accept herself as she is, to love herself and to exploit her heritage by creating new hairstyles, new hair routines". 

"Many showed incredible creativity with enthusiasm, and during the training they shared their ideas for hairstyles, mixtures and homemade recipes ".

Ngi Ngambi Therese is promoter of Resa-ka hair expertise.

"We have to redefine our values ​​and find our own canons of beauty and impose them, that's selling our culture."

By Ibrahim sadjo

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