MINJEC Facilitates Establishment of Birth certificates, Offers Computers in Mayo Danay

In order to provide a solution for young girls and the needy population of Mayo Danay, the situation in Operation Long Live School in Mayo Danay, has caused Minister Mounouna Foutsou to offer over 3300 birth certificates at a rate of 300 Cfa francs each per district.

To facilitate these, the Maga and Yagoua women network, the Mayo Danay Tribunal of First Instance and the Yagoua prosecutor's office have each benefited from a complete computer (screen, central unit, inverter, printer).

"It is for us to facilitate the obtaining of this essential document for every human being, especially for pupils in schools and also in our own way contribute in the education of the young girl of our Mayo Danay" said Mounouna Foutsou, MINJEC.

This is an initiative of the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou, elite of the Mayo-Danay, who made this gesture to allow needy school children and young girls from the Mayo Danay to continue their studies calmly.

Thousands of young pupils who have reached the end of the primary school cycle fail to present their Primary Studies Certificate and enter the 6th or 1st year of secondary education, due to lack of birth certificates.

They never had the chance at their birth to benefit from the establishment of a birth certificate, the reasons varied; from Ignorance, poverty, neglect of parents, unavailability of civil status centers among others.

Also, the education of the young girl of Mayo Danay preoccupies the elite in a context where computer science is more and more essential.

A gesture that aligns with the vision of Operation Long Live School in Mayo Danay, whose voice is occasionally channelled through Gabriel Wouldi, its Technical Secretary.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, pledges were made to make good use of the donation. To the women as to the 11 sub-prefects, the Prefect of Mayo Danay asked that the opportunity should be taken by all to obtain their birth certificate s.

Manu Diguir, an elite of the area called on mayors as well as elites to contribute to the massive establishment of birth certificates for pupils and other needy persons.

By Ndefru Melanie


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