Bafut Pupils at Down Town Bamenda Encouraged to Use Pens Not Guns in Decision Making

Ngwakongoh Lawrence, Mayor of Bafut Council has given advice to Bafut pupils schooling in G.B.S Down Town Bamenda, taking part in the First School Leaving Examinations, that they should be upright citizens and make Cameroon a better place by using their pens as a weapon to build society.

Mayor talking to Pupils at G.B.D Down Town

He was speaking at Government Bilingual School Down Town, offering Didatic/writing material, facemasks to these pupils who could not sit for the F.S.L.C exams in Bafut sub division, given the prevailing security situation and moved to town.

He encouraged them to write their exams with confidence and in good health, given the context of the dual crisis faced in the region.

Items offered by Mayor

Pens, Pencils, erasers rulers were offered to these pupils, asking them to pay attention to the rules and regulations of their exams before attempting the questions asked.

Mayor Offers Didatic Material to Bafut Pupils

The children were adviced to be upright citizens,to take their studies serious and stand by the pen, as the only tool that has the power to change decisions and bring development in a country.

"You have the power of the pen to make decisions rather than Use arms to express your grievances." Ngwakongoh Lawrence, Mayor of Bafut speaking to pupils at Down town Bamenda.

The teachers and Pupils were pleased by the Mayors presence, as most of them being children from Bafut, escaping to safer grounds, had the anxiety to pursue their studies.

The Mayor felt satisfied and told them about scholarships set aside for the first 10students who will emerge best from the exams.

"A good number of these pupils are from Bafut who have turned out here to write the F.S.L.C Exams. As an Elite of the area and the Mayor of Bafut, I came to appreciate these children, who have done their best to study given our context."

"If they have decided to use their pens, it means they have decided to make the world, especially Cameroon a better place. The Bafut Council is therefore setting aside scholarships to encourage the first 10 pupils who emerge best from the exams". Mayor Bafut Council.

The Number of pupils in the school had increased from about 60 of them last year to over 300 people registering for the First School Leaving Certificate exams this year. The Mayor said this increase was a sign that peace is gradually gaining grounds and education is on one hand gaining steam.

These Pupils taking part in exams within the era of the Covid-19 pandemic recieved facemask from the Elite, to stay healthy during their exams and stay safe from the virus.

"I gave them facemasks to let them know that Corona is a reality and that they should put them on at all times, respect barrier measures, to stay healthy and safe, especially while they take on their exams" Mayor of Bafut.

Bafut Mayor Addressing Parents who came to support their Children take their Exams

These Parents, most of whom were from Bafut, were not left out. Because of Insecurity, they sat at one corner of the campus, waiting for their children to finish the first part of their exams.

The Mayor appreciated them for the task and effort made on their part to ensure that the children take their education seriously, supporting them with facemaska and a token to help transport themselves back home after the session.

Parents appreciating the Mayor's Efforts in Encouraging Education

This gesture from Ngwakongoh Lawrence done in the early hours on Tuesday, June 29th 2021 in Bamenda, was also appreciated by the parents who felt government was also making afforts in protecting and encouraging their kids to acquire knowledge.

On June 29th 2021, most pupils in primary schools in the Northwest region and beyond, are expected to take the First School Leaving Certificate exams, while Secondary schools across the nation take off with GCE examinations.

By Ndefru Melanie


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