HOFNA CAMEROON, On the National Women's Convention

The First ever National Women’s Convention in Cameroon that is running from today is a dream come true for HOFNA and the over 800 grassroots women leaders we have engaged over the years in community peacebuilding.

This is because it reflects the dream and desire we had in 2019 of bringing at least 1000 women from across the nation to deliberate and map a way out for peace through concrete actions and strong determination, while focusing, reflecting and strategising on and around what PEACE means to them first as individuals then as women (and girls).

Today, Coming together as a Network of 38 women organisations benefiting from the sponsorhip of Fredich Edbert Foundation, this dream is a reality and HOFNA has not only been a part of the planning and strategising, some of our women and girls from the grassroots communities are a part of this transformative moment in the landscape of women peace and Security in Cameroon.

Our programs since 2014 have continued to broaden what peace and security means to women and girls especially in remote communities. Within the context of the ongoing violent conflict, we strengthened our efforts to seeking peace through the voices of our women and girls, leading trainings, education, empowerment programs and live skills formation and provision of materials to support them start up Businesses that can sustain families through the crisis, poverty and need.

We belief in the efforts that other organisations have been doing at different levels and look at each contribution through the lenses of our #PiecesOfPeace Concept with every action that supports the realisation of human security and broadens the concept of peace or security to be a vital #PieceOfPeace.

Coming together to make our vioces laouder is a Plus to the our #PiecesOfPeace concept. Together we can do more.

We are truly happy to be here with women and girls we have trained from.over the years from all seven divisions of The North west region and from 5 Regions of Cameroon to bear withness to this History making event in Cameroon and we are sure our women will carry the message of peace and actions for peace back to their communities.

We are convinced that our efforts will not go in vain. Our pledge to Peace will be a reality.

Christelle Bay Nfor
Executive Director


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