West Region: Catholic Movement - RAJEC Preaches Need for Health Practices

Some youths within the Catholic Church denomination decided to raise awareness about the need for healthy habits within health facilities and the adherence to Vaccination.

An initiative of the Catholic movement RAJEC, these volunteers moved through the streets of Foumbot in the Noun Division, West Region of Cameroon, talking about health practices and habits.

The exchanges between these volunteers and the population in Noun was worth the salt, because the population through this exercise, benefited from free health consultations at the Notre Dame de l'Esperance Medical center in Foumbot.

The health campaign expected to run till August 1st 2021, is taking place at a time when the nation is faced with a health crisis, Covid-19 coupled with some pockets of resistance existing in some areas across the nation.

Many still remain resistant getting vaccinated against the Covid-19 pandemic, yet it remains a collective responsibility to keep and manage health habits, while saving lifes.

By Ndefru Melanie


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