UBa Students Coached on Internship Focus

A one day event has been organized by Coordinators of COMINSUD- Community Initiative For Sustainable Development, to drill students in how to go about their internship program.

Baninla Yvette, a Supervisor at COMINSUD was curious on how focused were the students for the internship program and did a quick survey to understand their goals for the internship program.

The Students were cautioned on about the need to put in their best throughout the internship; with promptness at work, Respect for one another and team work being their watchwords.

COMINSUD's Coordinator- Fon Nsoh enlightened the students about principles in adapting to the training, so as to meet up with expectations, and structure themselves to achieve their aim within the period of the internship.

"The internship will cover several domains like knowledge about the organization, involvement in ongoing projects and activities, with contribution to the feasibility of the organization".

These Interns are expected to be seen doing works in community, within media space, while indicating how these are reflected in community.

They are expected to have a mastery of promoting peace, justice and gender inequality and fight against Gender Based Violence on young woman and girls.

"It is not just about improving on communities standards but bringing change in the community". Fon Nsoh.

Most of the Interns came from the Department of Communication and Developmeny, as Communication is a key to Development.

Mokom Njouny Nelson, an administrator with COMINSUD was delighted that the students had choosen COMINSUD to train themselves, most especially identifying themselves with commumity work.

Keeping the interns on alert, he mentioned- "Internship is putting yourself in a certain environment which means there are norms that the interns are to respect" Mokoun Njouny Nelson.

By Fozao Vaniela



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