In Douala, Heavy Rainfall Distorts Movement

Inhabitants of Grand Towo neighbourhood in the Douala municipality have complained of difficulties they face with roads as a result of the heavy rains.

Their greatest wish is that the entrance gates be closed because the more heavy trucks penetrate the quater, things get worst.

Bike riders have complained of standing water which destroys their bikes. Passengers on their part are not comfortable as they get stained from the water droplets.

Steve Tawamba, a bike rider reveals that he has had a lot of difficulty accessing the road.
"My bike is destroyed as there is breakdown and my passengers complain being soiled".

He further reiterates that "gutters should be built to ease circulation of water and the roads filled with gravel. if nothing is done, it will make things worst."

Madam Mabelle Djeazon a business lady complain of increase in transportation as a result of bad roads.

"Things are not easy. Fare has increased from 300frs to 500frs just to enter the quater. It is costly for me".

Bike riders on their part urge them on a daily basis to understand that it is the nature of the roads, as they have to be keen on its slippery nature.

The issue has also distorted movement as Mbi Shalom a pedestrian says, " I find it difficult to get a bike when going out. Most bikes refuse entering the quater due to the bad nature of the road which causes accidents".

"If quater members together with quater heads and the council come together for construction of gutters to ease circulation of rain water, it will go a long way to help us", she explained.

They expressed their grievances and hoped that, hierarchy that be will come to their aid, fix the roads to ease circulation.

By Fozo Vaniela

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