Atuakom, Akumalam Health Centers Recieve Medical Equipment from Bamenda II Council

Symbolic handing of the equipment

Beneficiary commumities; Atuakom and Akumlam Integrated Health Centers recieved medical equipment from the Bamenda II Council, as part of an emergency response to the health care needs of the people living in that community.

Equipment handed by Bamenda City Council

Mayor and Deputy of Bamenda II Council

Mayor Chenwi Peter, Bamenda II Council told press that the equipment offered to these health centers are designed to suit the needs and wants of people living in these commumities. 

Representative of Beneficiary Communities

Deputy Mayor hands Equipment to Akumlam HC

Cautioning the representatives; Chi Solange Azah if the Atuakom Integrated HC and Maleh Solange, Chief of center Akumlam, the Mayor and his deputy, Njoko Frida asked that the Equipment be well preserved and used with care, so that the intention of the Council be sustainable.

The recipients promised the council to use the equipments in a proper way, providing access to Health care services.

"These equipments are timely because there were some lapses in health care services. With the provision of these equipments, we will improve on  health care services and on working conditions of health personnel." Maleh Solange, representative from Akumlam.

Technical Reception

Technical reception of the equipment has taken place and hand over to the beneficiaries done. The Mayor thinks having a strong people work for the reconstruction of the Northwest is more sustainable that just embarking on the process when the people are not in good health.

Mayor talks to Press

"People in the Northwest have been displaced and cannot have access to health care and we cannot talk construction without health. That's why we assist the population till they are strong to reconstruct our municipality and our region."

"Directors of integrated health centres have made proposals on what they want for their different health centers, since they do not have the same needs. To get assistance, we requested for some assistance from the ministry based on the needs of patients and health care personnel" Mayor Chenwi Peter.

By Ndefru Melanie


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