6th Edition of Citizen, Patriotic Holidays Operation In Banganté Closed by Youth Affairs Minister

Launched on July 6th 2021 across the National territory, the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education has with satisfaction closed a Holiday Jamboree in Banganté dubbed "Citizen and Patriotic Holiday Operation"

"Remarks from this show that more than a million people have been made aware of civic and patriotic values. Many people have bee referred to vaccination points against Covid-19, more than 10,000 tree seedlings planted, over 12,000 awareness-raising materials distributed; emblems and copies of the National Anthem, as well as the participation of over 5,000 young people in volunteering activities, to name a few." Observed MINJEC

Delighted with the success of this 6th edition, Minister Mounouna Foutsou thanked ministerial departments who contributed to the success of the Jamboree. 

"This is the place for me to sincerely say thank you to my colleagues in Public Health, Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, Communication, Promotion of Women and the Family, Social Affairs, Urban Development and Housing, amongst others, to all people of good will who have had the initiative to accompany young people throughout this holidays which has now come to an end."

"However, we will not be satisfied with this assessment, as the expectations on the ground are so high. This shows how much additional efforts has been made, to be able to build the Exemplary Republic that the Head of State, HE Mr. Paul BIYA calls with all his wishes. ".

To holidaymakers and peer educators, MINJEC indicated that “You were made aware by your peers on the harmful effects linked to the abuse of alcohol, the consumption of drugs and other narcotics. We hope that the various raids by EMAPUR, Community Mediators, young people from youth movements and associations in the different neighborhoods have borne fruit."

"Although the operation is called Citizen and Patriotic Holidays, I want you to put in mind that these different values ​​that you learned during these moments, must accompany you all your life, because we are moving forward in the logic of forming an exemplary Republic constituted with young patriots who respect institutions and love the nation".

He asked educators not to hesitate to follow these young people, though a huge responsibility, he encouraged them to embrace "the noble profession".

MINJEC visited a young beneficiary of the Special Youth Plan, a Promoter of a garage following state funding, Jules Roland Dipankeu thanked the government for this gesture and called on young people to be patient while waiting for their projects to mature.

MINJECc continued visits to Bangangté in a technological innovation center by a young person who also benefited from the hall from you Three Year Special Youth Plan. 

Stephen Wouafo, biomedical engineer, produces respirators. Another beneficiary working in the manufacture of drinks, soap made from cassava leaves and milk bread made from raw materials (cassava, potatoes) collected on site.

By Ndefru Melany


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