Strengthening Diplomatic Relations, through Telecommunications

The need to improve the telecommunications' system between Latin America and Africa and make Cameroon an important hub on the continent, will go futher to cement diplomatic relations between Cameroon and Brazil.

A diplomatic relationship existing for more than 50 years, is linked by several technical and commercial cooperation agreements. The most recent being the agreement to cover the major fiber-optic submarine cable system project that connects the port city of Kribi in Cameroon to the city of Fortaleza in Brazil.

This was the bone of contention on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at Kribi, as CAMTEL's GM Judith Yah Sunday, within the framework of the visit of Her Excellency, Ambassador of Brazil to Cameroon, presented the “Kribi Cable Landing Station” as: a tangible or most visible fruit of the cooperation between Yaoundé and Brazil.

This resulting from a State visit to Brazil in August 2010 by the President of the Republic HE Paul BIYA, at the invitation of his counterpart, His Excellency Lula Da Silva.

The desire common to these two illustrious leaders, materialized on Friday 07 September 2018 , when the Cameroon became connected to Brazil by the cable under - marine in fiber optic called South Atlantic Inter Link( SAIL ), an infrastructure of the generation that revolutionized the ecosystem, digitalize the country and the continent .

The construction of SAIL, according to GM CAMTEL, "registered the process of development of infrastructure communications' electronic wide band and also their modernization, as desired and announced by the Head of the State of Cameroon."

"It is a matter of merging the National territory through Fiber Optics and open Internationally via the cables in - marine , with an ultimate goal to help all agents and Cameroonians, in the economic sector of the country, to enjoy quality Internet at lower cost and to revolutionize their daily.

CAMTEL's GM is proud of Cameroon Telecommunications' vision, clearly stowed on the dipole Customer Centricity and Change Management, aligned on the National strategy of development in the economy numerical range.

"CAMTEL is the only operator to grant national features of three 3 licenses; it allows operations in areas of Fixed, Mobile and Transportation."

The historical operator of electronic communications in Cameroon is a certified company, for the quality of service provided in relation to its Wholesale component, as on August 20, 2021, Camtel launched an identity : The Blue brand .

This extensive infrastructure which is the engine that makes Cameroon the digital hub from the Africa, allows room to provide unlimited, content on Multimedia, Video, Streaming , Cloud Computing, Telemedicine, Tele - education. All of these being the basis of the Digital economy, important in the policy of Government .

In the case of Mrs. Vivian Loss Sanmartin, Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the cable SAIL - South Atlantic Interlink visiting the structure says "it is the very first cable connecting directly the African continent with the American continent for the transport of digital data to very high speed".

It has been designed and planned to be implementated by the Cameroon Government in partnership with Eximbank CHINA; for financing and the project to be executed HUAWEI MARINE TECHNOLOGY, specialized in the Construction of the equipment, its installation and the maintenance of cables under - marine.

This infrastructure is composed of four pairs of fiber optics with a capability of transmitting data over 6000 kilometers connecting cities Fortaleza Kribi at a speed of 32 Terabit per second and a latency of 56 milliseconds.

It is allowed to reduce the time of latency for the content digital transiting between the Africa and America, without passing by ' Europe as formerly ; which will improve the experience and quality in the use of these services by its customers .

The Kribi Cable Landing Station is the site of high invoice hosting the infrastructure land the cable SAIL side in Cameroon, with other cables under - marine as Nigeria to Cameroon Submarine Cable System ( NCSS ).

This infrastructure, gateways of international main linking between Cameroon and the world , contributes to the growth of volumes of more data exchange and mainly constitutes the reduction of cost on access to Internet with a call in price on capacity Internet as desired by the ' whole "ecosystem of digital" .

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