MINJEC, Agricultural Institute Sign Partnership, Launch Back-to-School

A Signing ceremony has taken place in Banganté, a partnership agreement between MINJEC and the Higher Institute of Agricultural Techniques of Ombessa coupled with the launch of Operation "Back to School, with University Citizens and Patriots.

The Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC) set foot in Bangangté to chair the closing ceremony of the Citizen and Patriotic Holidays.

Team MINJEC visited a young beneficiary of the Special Youth Triennial Plan, Dipankeu Jules Roland who's activity attracted appraisal from the Minister, while Gaëtan Kouesseu, another  beneficiary of the Triennial Plan specialized in agric-food, also received a visit from MINJEC. 

Drink made from palm wine, soap made from cassava leaves, milk bread, all made from the raw material, from cassava, potatoes, cereals. In terms of training, the young beneficiary also supervises vulnerable young people and those abandoned by formal education. This is to prepare their socio-economic integration. 

For young people, it was a question of sensitizing their young peers on the values ​​of citizenship and civic values. "This ceremony is part of the intensification of the National Campaign for Civic Education and National Integration implemented by the ministerial department for which I am responsible, in collaboration with several other partner structures and administrations" declared Minister.

Mounouna Foutsou added that "the school holidays is an opportunity for groupings and mass movements of students during which acts of incivism, insecurity, violence and abuse of all kinds are often perpetrated by certain malicious people, whose consequences have an impact on peace and security".

In view of the prevailing health crisis and its consequences, the aforementioned gathering most times constitute risky situations, whose effects could considerably affect the health of young people as well as that of the population as a whole. 

It is with a view to combating the aforementioned scourges that the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, in synergy with all the active forces of the nation, carried out awareness-raising actions for the population.

keeping respect of the barrier measures decreed by the Government, the consolidation of peace, the promotion of the values ​​of tolerance, solidarity, of volunteering, social inclusion and harmonious living together and this ceremony is a perfect illustration of this.

By Ndefru Melanie


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