Youth Affairs Minister Visits West Region, Supports Youths In Prison

During a working visit of the Minister of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) in the Western Region, the delegation will deliver support to young people in the main prison of Dschang, creating clusters of young beneficiaries of the Region's Special Three-Year Youth Plan and presided over the closing of the operation of “Citizen and Patriotic Holidays without COVID-19” in Banganté.

The Mounouna Foutsou during his stay between August 27th and 28th 2021, will also be discussing with young leaders of associations and youth movements in the said region, to know their challenges in the different sectors and finding best ways to assist them.

He made his first stop in Dschang, where constituted bodies of Menoua, recieved the Ministerial Delegation. MINJEC visited the main prison of Dschang under the leadership of its manager, Albert Ayang Haissala.

On behalf of the establishment for which he is responsible, the latter extended a warm welcome to the Minister. Built in 1927, the prison he manages keeps over 287 inmates. According to the prison administrator: "Idleness and the absence of narcotics increasingly motivate inmates to attempt mass escapes on a recurring basis."

The manager saluted contributions of all heads in the supervision of prisoners, and the efforts made for their later reintegration into society, acknowledging the contribution of the Dschang Multifunctional Youth Promotion Center.

Albert Ayang Haissala expressed the wish to see: ”installed and equipped within the penitentiary for which he is responsible, workshops for the training of young people in small trades”.
"The hope of the young people here is to have an improved prison life after your passage Mr. Minister".

For Robert Ewa, spokesperson for the detainees, it is thanks MINJEC that these requests can be expressed; pleaded for the improvement in the conditions of detainees in prison, the facilitation of the disposal of the products manufactured by them.

Some young former residents of Dschang told their stories; from their stay to their reintegration, and how 2 of them created income-generating activities, the youngest being 17 years old now employed in local administration.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou reassured the manager about the existing government solidarity between MINJUSTICE and MINJEC. Adding that, initiatives will follow in order to provide favorable responses to the many problems faced by prisoners. In this regard, Mounouna Foutsou announced the creation of a cluster within the main prison of Dschang.

In order to facilitate the sale of their products, MINJEC announced for beneficiaries the creation of a Digital Youth Service Center unit which will be connected to the national network.

"I hope that when you come out you will be role models for other kids. This is why I am asking my collaborators here to create a mobile team for popular urban and rural animation" declared MINJEC.

MINJEC's visit in Dchang realized donations made to young inmates, who lived in difficulty while in the prison.

By Ndefru Melanie

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