Youth Affairs Minister Consults with Young People

After his visit to the main prison of Dchang, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) proceeded to a consultation with the young people of Mifi Subdivision, to put in place the youth production clusters for those benefitng from the Special Three-Year Youth Plan.

MINJEC gave room for a briefing, a question and answer session which revealed the focus on the Triennial Youth Plan and about Youth Municipal Councils. The Minister responded that; "it is necessary to know that it is an educational project for citizen and voluntary participation in local development, and in the process of decentralization."

Emphasizing that "it is also a mentoring process; senior advisers will mentor the young advisers so that when the time comes they can take over more easily. "

The subject on the continuity of the Special Youth Plan after the three years as announced. For MINJEC, "the Head of State said in his speech in February 2021 that all these programs must continue because it is the only solution to youth unemployment".

Specifications of a young deputy was also highlighted, as MINJEC explained “the young deputy is next to the Nation in his/her constituency, most especially to learn what is done in parliament. " 

These exchanges helped these youths have a better understanding of the Three-Year special Youth plan and to understand what is expected of them, when taking leadership.

By Ndefru Melanie

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