Internship Students at COMINSUD Coached On Way Forward

A one day event has been organized to officially put an end to Students' stay at COMINSUD, in order to give room for them to prepare for the upcoming academic year 2021/2022.

The organization's coordinator Mr Fon Nsoh, the internship supervisor Madam Baninla Yvette and administrators like Mr Njouny Nelson and Dr Zama Eric, all put in efforts for these students to have the best.

This was proven as interns were rated with best marks, after presenting projects which they came up with during their stay at the institution. In addition to this, they were recognized for the work done.

Presentations were done on topics such as High rate of drug consumption in ntamulung, waste management in Bamenda 2, Teenage pregnancy in Nghomgham, Ending child labour and exploitation in mulang just to name these.

Madam Baninla thanked the interns for choosing COMINSUD and was glad about the cooperation within these students that made things swift. She urges the interns to continue with the good work even after leaving the organization.

Mr Fon Nsoh concludes by urging the interns to keep on and begin work from now. "What little thing can you do to bring about change", he said. Urgiy them to push forth with their projects and continue with the work even in their schools, neighbourhoods and communities.

By Fozoa Vaniela

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