Youth Affairs Regional Delegate Opts Using Grassroot Knowledge to Execute Functions

NW Regional Delegate Youth Affairs

Odilia Fri Mbanwie, a lady from Batibo sub division, Momo Division- Northwest region has worked in several capacities and has decided to assume that nothing will be challenging during her mandate as she takes up office as Regional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education.

It's no longer news to many, that when someone takes up office in the Northwest region, even the common man on the streets will describe the concerned as daring, given the constraints and security challenges that add up to other pressing matters awaited in office.

Youth Affairs Regional Delegate receives Bouquet of flowers

The New Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs and Civic Education told Civiclens that she will stir team spirit in her work space and use the knowledge, experience she got during her 6 years as Divisional Delegate in the discharge of her functions.

"I am a senior youth and action counselor, I have worked in the central service, in external service; that is Menchum and in the West Region, then in Nkambe and I am leaving the Regional Youth Empowerment Center for the Regional office"

"I don't think the job would be difficult for me because I have been a Divisional Delegate for the past 6 years and I just left the multipurpose Regional Empowerment Center, which is the heart of the youth affairs" NW Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs explained.

SG conducts Installation Rights

The Secretary General at the NW Governor's office, Viang Mekala presided over the installation of the New Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs and Civic Education, while he expressed delight at the number of collaborators who showed up to recieve their Regional Delegate, acknowledging the challenges they faced to answer present.

Collaborators of Youth Affairs Regional Delegate in NWR

"To travel and come to Bamenda is not easy, am very happy and want to welcome everyone people present to witness this important ceremony, the handing over between the outgoing NW Regional Delegate of Youth Affairs and the Incoming regional delegate".

"You are here to implement the decision signed by the Minister of Youth Affairs on the 17/09/21. I would like to congratulate the two people that we have today, the outgoing Regional Delegate and the Incoming Regional delegate because all of them have been appointed, all have received promotion".

Her strategy to begin work as NW Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs is futher described through her vision and mission, prioritizing the empowerment of youths and make them more responsible.

"God will help me do my best. We will do all we can to place youths within best practices, providing them with Civic Education through several channels. People say Northwest is difficult, but we pray this new era turns a new page for the youths and for all in the Northwest region" NW Youth Affairs Regional Delegate, Odilia Fri Mbanwie.

NW Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique through his Secretary General showed gratitude to the Outgone Regional Delegate, Nimpa Bonaventure for the work he had done in the Region.

"You have been working in good collaboration with me personally to organize 11 February, 20th May and all other activities where people gathered. You have carried out your duties well, together we did some work on these days and for all the work, I say well done. The Governor asked me to appreciate you and to wish you success where you are going" SG, Viang Mekala.

The Incoming Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs was encouraged by the SG to continue from where her predecessor ended, as he reiterated that there is no stop in Public Services.

"Continue from where Nimpa Bonaventure has stopped, carry on with your work well while counting on your staff, we want this office to continue to function normally without any problem. Keep good collaboration with the Governor, with your capacity I have no fear you will manage this office well, while you deal with the youths."

"You have no security problem, always be present to show good example because it is a challenge that we are facing at the level of the Region. Don't stay away from office
for any reason, despite the challenges we face in the region". SG, Viang Mekala addressing New NW Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs and Civic Education.

Several stories have revealed that majority of youths in the Northwest region are victims of drugs, that prompts them to adopt clandestine behaviors and subsequently get into trouble.

Familly Photograph

The Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs and Civic Education is expected to come up with programs that will boost talents in Youths across the region, so that they will inturn use these talent for the benefit of their society, themselves and for their families.

By Bamenjo Petronila


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