Step Up Foundation Speaks on Girls' Rights

Commemorating the day of the girl child on October 11th, Step Up Foundation decided to speak up on the rights of the Girl Child, while encouraging girls to speak up when they feel humiliated.

The International day of the girl child is celebrated this year under the theme"Digital generation, Our generation". A day dedicated to stand with and for girls around the world with emphasis on rights of education and safety of girls.

The aim of this year's theme is to bridge the gap which exist among girls and boys.Step Up Foundation on October 12 impacted and touched the lives of over 40 girls.

This was done through a one day seminar to drill girls on so many domains of life, with focus on the theme of the celebration.

During the seminar, girls were cautioned to be Digital Peace Makers in their generation and be Peace bearers everwhy they find themselves, "a journey that only ends at one's final breath".

These girls were equally given talks on leadership. They were taught qualities of a leader, types of leadership skills and how that is manifested in society.

Aside from this, the girls present at the seminar were challenged to acquire entrepreneurial skills and become good entrepreneurs, as some of them termed the session as "mind blowing", feeling transformed and showed gratitude to facilitators; Dzevela Estelle and Rev Gerald obasi.

Step Up foundation is a non profit making organization which has as motto; Improving lives,same with its vision to improve lives of young girls, women and children in Africa and beyond, from destitution to self empowerment and financial freedom.

By Banseka Mary-Stella, UBa


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