PM Task Stakeholders, Leaves NWR with Hopes

PM speaks to Press before departure

The Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr. Dion Ngute has completed his four days mission in the Northwest region, asking key stakeholders to play their part in talking with the youths, still carrying guns in the bushes.

"Some parts of the region are getting stabilized and some others are still in difficulty, but I think we have talked to all key actors and given them the courage to put in place mechanisms, talking to our misguided youths and see how many of them can abandon the guns and get back into society" The PM, speaking on Bamenda.

The Birds stood at the grandstand, while the PM preached Peace

"I leave Bamenda with a great deal of optimism, knowing that on the next weeks or months the situation will change dramatically". He explained.

The PM applauded for those who mobilized and welcomed him

Leaving the Northwest region on October 8th 2021, he revealed to press that he had observed calm throughout his stay in Bamenda and hope that the atmosphere wouldn't change after his departure.

"I want to thank the people of the Northwest region for their wonderful hospitality throughout our stay, this past four days in Bamenda. The welcome was very enthusiastic, there is a genuine cry for Peace in this region." The PM.

The cry for Peace is heard almost in every corner of the region, yet most elites will be heading back to their different abots, mostly out of their place of origin, leaving the local population to continue licking their wounds.

By Ndefru Melanie


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