PM's Visit: North-West Journalists Present Challenges Reporting Amidst Armed Conflict

Journalist Practicing in the Northwest region

Bakah Derrick, promoter of Hilltopvoices, a reporter with the lone English daily newspaper, The Guardian Post, and a fierce reporter with Sports News has pointed out to the Prime Minister, Head of Government, the need for the Media in the Northwest region to benefit from the Presidential Reconstruction Plan.

The journalist cited a good number of media houses that have suffered from arson attacks and threats, notwithstanding the difficulties in surviving while on the field, given insufficient funds and resources.

"What plan was there for media organs destroyed during this crisis and those who may be destroyed for speaking that which is considered truth," he asked.

Minister Felix Mbayu speaking in Bamenda

Minister Felix Mbayu advised that the media should be able to prove as a structure their contribution to social cohesion, come up with projects to show how content can be disseminated to build society.

"If a media can present a good project to show how it can participate in social cohesion, it will also benefit from the Reconstruction Plan. Any media organ, destroyed or affected by the crisis cannot be left out, ” said Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu

PM talking to Press in Bamenda

The PM while talking to Press remained positive about his mission to the Northwest region and pleaded with the Media to play the role of a teacher, who will teach and preach what is good for society.

PM recieves NW Press

"I have come to Bamenda in pursuit of Peace. No law is cast in stone or marble, it changes. Problems can be sorted out in Peace.” The PM.

Most journalists reporting within conflict regions, not leaving out those practicing in the Northwest region have told stories of being threathened from both armed groups, for several reasons.

The press has made efforts to stay neutral in the course of the ongoing armed conflict, yet a few factors continue to puncture style in reporting.

By Ndefru Melanie


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