Uprising In Buea: Government Calms Angry Population

Calm had returned slightly to Buea, until this morning of October 14th 2021, a toddler is shot dead while on her way to school. An Incident that has caused most part of the population to take to the streets in anger, while Governor Okalia Bilai continues to plead for them to remain calm.

The Pepertrator of the sad incident suffered mob action from onlookers who where present at the scene of the crime, later he was left to ly helpless in a gutter and was later ferried off by his colleagues who were with him at the checkpoint in Buea that morning.

The population of Buea paraded the streets with the corpse of the pupil, blocking traffic circulation and stopping security check points mounted along the streets of Buea.

The killing of the pupil has been announced across social media networks, with several opinions expressed over the incident. At press time, this reporter has not been able to get more information on the little girl.

South West Governor addressed the people and talked about necessary measures taken to deal with pepertrators of the incident. 

"I can reassure them that those who are at the origin of this will be punished according to the regulation in force because we don't know what took that gendarme to open fire."

The authority called on the population to remain calm and accompany the bereaved family in mourning, than allow negative reactions from other persons to complicate the incident that has happened.

The ongoing armed conflict has cost many lives, famillies have lost love ones, women have lost their children. Many have been called to thread with caution, the gory images of the little girl, spread on social media that may continue to inflict pain on the family she has left behind.

By Ndefru Melany

Photo credit:Dray info and Observer 237

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