Covid-19: CAMP Shares Factchecking Tools with Journalists in Bamenda

Symbolic pictures of CAMP present in Bamenda

Cameroon Association of Media Professionals, CAMP has shared skills in factchecking information on Covid-19 related issues with media persons in Bamenda.

Training session in course

Hosting the workshop on Data Journalism: Fact Checking Covid-19 related information, in Bamenda, is a project sponsored by UNESCO to have media persons benefit from tools that are needed to debunk information on Covid19 that derails the public from what they ought to know as far as the deadly disease is concerned.

CAMP's National President

The National President of CAMP, Solomon Agborem, was present in Bamenda to ensure that Journalists shortlisted for the capacity building workshop, harness efforts and ensure that lives are saved through the dissemination of right information.

"Cameroon Association of Media Professionals, CAMP is present in the Northwest region to engage a training for midterm carrier journalists in this region, a project that is being implemented across the national territory"

"Same training held in Buea, then in Bamenda simultaneously with Douala. CAMP intends to train 60 carrier journalists on factchecking COVID-19 related stories. Pitching this training in this topic, comes at a time when information is being manipulated day in day out and there's need for journalists to inform the public appropriately and accurately". National President Camp.

A diversity in information outlets, several channels that give information base on their believes or opinions, has caused a huge challenge for Journalists and the health personnel to give information that is needed as far as Covid-19 is concerned.

"There is alot of misinformation about Covid-19, particularly about the vaccine, this is more reason why we feel journalists have a huge role to play in educating the mass on this subject".

"They should be able to have those tools, those practical modalities on how to identify information which are not correct and how to report on them as well. We encourage them to talk to the health experts, verify the information they have before disseminating it. When the right thing is done to counteract the misinformation that has created an environment where people don't adhere to Information that is authentic, then the denial syndrome will be erased". National President, CAMP.

Solomon Agborem talking to Press in Bamenda also remembered those who were not opportuned to be part of the training, promising them of more collaboration in other upcoming projects.

CAMP's National President in discursions with some members

He is positive that CAMP will submerge with projects that will build society and put smiles on faces, considering that it targets regions including those that are hard hit by conflicts.

This time, CAMP decided to deal with midterm carrier Journalists who have mastered some information and facts in Covid-19 reporting, so that in acquiring factchecking tools all will be set to counter wrong information within the society.

Project Lead, NW

Wifah Jennyhans coordinated the project in Bamenda and he told Civiclens that the training recorded a success due to the collective support he had from CAMP members within the region who fully participated as well in the workshop. 

By Ndefru Melanie

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