DDRC NW: Ex-Fighters Pay Hommage to Fallen Peers

Ex-fighters at DDRC NW

It was a wake service on October 15th 2021, for two ex-fighters, gunned down by security officials at the Ntambag Integreted Center at Old Town Bamenda, with circumstances sorrounding their death not known to this reporter yet.

Deceased Ex-fighters

The death of the two repentant separatist fighters, is still under investigation as explained by the Regional Coordinator of the NW DDR center, Kum Henry. He told mourners that findings will proof what happened to the deceased.

Coordinator DDRC NW

According to Information from Kum Henry, remains of the ex-fighters will be removed from the Regional Hospital Mortuary in Bamenda and taken to Ako were they will be given burial by their family and love ones, this he said was instructed by the National Cordinator of DDR, Fai Yengo Francis.

Kum Henry Coordinator of the DDRC NW, could not help but seized the opportunity amidst grieving, to call on those still in the bushes to soften their hearts and drop their weapons against the State.

"To those still carrying guns in the bushes, guns do not solve problems, dialogue does. If we keep putting fire under the pot so that it should keep boiling, the smoke that will come out will start sofocating us, we too will suffer same fate," he cried out.

To keep update and be current with right information, the local population is trapped with the proliferation of messages, with all sorts of news from social media.

Many people in pocession of android phones now pass for photographers or graphic designers, while misinformation and disinformation continue to be the order of the day, as it downplay efforts to calm the already existing tension in the Northwest region.

Kum Henry, Coordinator of the DDR Centre Northwest has pleaded with those on the social media to stop propagating what he described as false information against the DDR Center. He pleaded that those contributing in tarnishing the image of the DDR Centre, should minimize negativity and maximize good information.

By Ndefru Melany

Picture credit: Dray Infos


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