Covid-19: Journalists In Douala Embrace CAMP's Coaching

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Over 20 Journalists practicing in the Littoral Region, including other participants from the Centre and Adamawa Regions have received skills on fact checking information related to Covid-19 reporting. A one day recycling workshop organized by the Cameroon Association of Media Professionals, CAMP was to give out tools needed to rectify false information meant to safe lives.

Vice President, CAMP

Opening the workshop, CAMP's National Vice president, Ms Noella Ebob Bisong said "in an era of social media communication where the power to inform lies in the hands of all and sundry, there is the danger to serve fake news or half truths to the public just with a click. Such misinformation has been rife since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic." 

The height of misinformation and disinformation in society has caused the Cameroon Association of Media Professionals CAMP, together with its partners to organize a workshop to provide Journalists with tools to put an end to doubtful information.

Littoral's Regional Delegate for Communication, Mme Marie Laure Moukoko, lauded the initiative by CAMP for organizing such a workshop and promised to support future initiatives by CAMP geared towards improving journalists' skills.

Ms Laure Ndanglay from the DefyHate office in Yaounde,was the trainer at the workshop. She took time to explain the importance of checking facts before publishing them.

Participants in Conclave

A project sponsored by UNESCO and the European union, was "a stitch in time" as described by Maureen Ndih, CAMASEJ Douala President and Fon Rene Marquez who were all participants at the workshop.

The project tragets six of 10 Regions of the country; as the association continues to empower its members through regular workshops, that have great impact in their writting style.

By Petronila Bamenjo


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