Adamawa Region: Municipal Treasurers, Controllers Tipped on State Budget Management

Accountants of Adamawa region have been given appropriate tools, mechanisms for the monitoring, controlling and execution of State budget, in the discharge of their functions.

It is within the framework of the Minister's circular, Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze at MINFI relating to the treatment in expenditure of credits transferred to local communities, that the working session takes place in Adamawa.

Works held on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 in the Proceedings' room of the town hall of Ngaoundéré.

The circular from the Minister of Finances has as goal to better equip
accountants of the Adamawa region on the financial stance in the processing of transferred expenses to the Territorial Collectivities, traced for better monitoring and optimal control of the state budget.

The head of mission, Marouane Mo-
hamadou, he briefed that accountants must comply with the texts in force.

"It has been observed that the expenditure which is entered in the state budget and which is then transferred to the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities,
are not always executed in accordance with regulations".

"The Minister of Finance insisted that we carry out missions to the field in order to raise awareness among the different Municipal be and financial Controllers, on the fact that there is indeed need for regulations."

It is desired that regulations on the State Budgets should be metted out at all levels in State budget execution.

Presentations and discussions
furnished participants with few points of recommendations; the need to collaborate with receivers and financial controllers by sharing knowledge, scheduling meetings with hierarchy in order to respect procedure.

Scrupulous respect for expenditure execution; circuit on transferred credits; the respect of deadlines in the periodic situation filing; post the functioning of the committees of cash in the various

The Treasurer, Pay Master General of Ngaoundéré, Ahmadou Njomna, urged Regional Municipal Treasurers to respect the pro-
cedures and processing steps

"I hope the knowledge acquired here will not remain a dead letter, we must give room for each important actor in the chain
so that he/she can intervene in his
area for effective treatment,
fast and serious transfer expenses".

Community reasources, those transferred to them created by the State, according to him constitute money for the public, whose management must obey the
formal procedures and mechanisms in

"This management is subject to
supervisory and institutional controls specialized”. Pay Master General.

Satisfied and now equipped as described by the participants, will make work a serious commitment to apply the lessons received, so that more efficiency and speed in the management of public finances is recorded.

"We have been edified, on certain procedures; which has been very beneficial for us. We want a frank collaboration with the hierarchy for better results".

The commitment is from Mvogo Francis Constant, Municipal Receiver for one of the Municipality of Ngaoundéré.

By Katakap Heritier in Adamawa

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