IICFIP's Board Announces New EXCO

The International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals USA INC (IICFIP) has got a new EXCO, that was introduced after a short biography of various members of the board was revealed by the SG. Thereafter was the Installation of the board's new EXCO, done by the Continental Director, Mokube Mathias Itoe.

The new EXCO was made up of; Country Director: Dr. Mokube Mathias Itoe, the Chairman: Ndangoh Calvin Tah, Secretary General: Bushu Emmanuel,
Treasurer: Francine Happi Afanji.

Then there were also mobilisation directors:
-Nkasah Stephan Bekeneh
-Mbu Jarvis
Professiona Liaison Directors;
-Ngole Roland
-Dr. Langa Micheal.

A minute Secretary; Midjet Ebonlo Regine, Training Directors who are
-Valentine Okale Dang and
-Louis Valentine Abena India.

-South West: Enades
-North west: Atech Olympian
-Center Region: Valentine Wupongwuh
-South: Kole Ebang Paul
-Littoral: Cho Ndifor Cornelius
-Grand North: Dr. Mosoko Jebea

Aloysius Vutumu
Pa Paul Acha

MOKUBE Mathias Itoe, the Country Director is an Administrative Officer with over fourteen years of working experience in the Cameroon Public service.

He is currently a senior official in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, formally served in the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) for ten years where he gathered experience in Budgeting, finance management, salaries management, risk management, coordination, fraud and investigation, mail management.

More information was revealed that In MINFI, he occupied the functions of Head of the Mails and Liaison Service, the focal point for Fraud and investigation in the Minister’s Cabinet, and Bureau Head for Budget in the General Secretariat. He worked immensely in the computerization of the mails system in MINFI.

MOKUBE Mathias ITOE, is holder of a PhD in Business Administration with concentration in Governance and is equally holder of two Masters degrees: Masters in Finance Management and Masters in Accounting, Control and Audit.

He has a post Graduate Diploma in Management and a Bachelors in Accounting, Control and Audit. He has over seven international certifications: Certified Professional Forensic Accountant, Certified Manager, certified Enterprise Resource Planner, certified archivist, certified Sig Sigma Greenbelt specialist, certified project manager. 

International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals USA INC. (IICFIP), boast of the following Professional accreditation/certifications.

CFIP: Certificate Forensic Investigation Proper
CMIP; Certified Medical Investigation Professional. CACC; Certified Anti-corruption consultant and CDFP: Certified Digital Forensic Professional.

He has undergone training in close to 10 countries worldwide (China, Germany, Cape Verde, Senegal, Armenia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, UAE…). He is a visiting lecturer of accounting, control, and audit in some Universities, equally  he is a lecturer of systems audit and control.

The installation ceremony for IICFIP's EXCO was colourful as the day was graced with the presence of dance groups from the grassroots and an Acapella choir, that made Elective GA soothing.

By Ndefru Melany


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