Blood flows in Wum, houses on fire

Several houses have been set ablaze in Wum, Menchum division of the North West region.

The houses located in the Wanangwen neighborhood were set on fire following the killing of a soldier over the weekend by armed men.

" Wum is hot. A soldier has been shot", a source on the ground said.

At the time of this report, five houses were set on fire. This reporter gathered that Hausa boys went on rampage setting fire on homes and joints, with one man was burnt alive.

"....Hausa boys are on rampage, fire has touched Kesughu village".

It will appear the security forces were not on scene at the time to stop the angered population from causing more destruction.

It is not the first time that the Hausas were going on rampage In the area.

"A soldier was killed today. He was in a relationship with a Hausa girl and lived at Hausa Quarter. Seems they are avenging his death. In Wum though, it was, and is an open secret that this kind of fiery reaction would happen anytime the Moslem community is hurt. Open threats to same are well known" , said a credible source.

Calm had returned until about 10am on October 18th 2021, gunshots  resumed.

By Ndefru Melany

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