Armed-Conflict in NW: Local Populace In Wum Oriented to be Subtle

Participants in Workshop

As one of the guidelines in conflict resolution, COMINSUD drilled some local community leaders in Wum, Menchum division - North west region of Cameroon, on ways to present, meet their needs and interests without violence.


This was under the frame work of a one day workshop to mold, educate local community peace builders. It brought together ten community leaders, amongst whom were; pastors and Imams, ten youth leaders drawn from over six villages in wum, some municipal and regional councillors, 2nd deputy mayor of wum council.

This initiative comes against the backdrop of recent happenings in Wum; that had homes destroyed with fire and rendering a good number of persons homeless, with one person loosing his life.

Part of the main objectives of the workshop was to ensure that young men, women in the municipality present their needs and interests by non violent means, with expected results to see young people engage in actions that build inclusion, tolerance and non violence towards one another in the community.

"You people should engage in actions that enhance self discipline, self development, boost economic empowerment, that will inturn develop society with the support of municipal council", a message retained from the exchange.

Family Picture

It took place at the community radio hall, as it equipped the participants in attendance with skills on non violent actions, intended to go a long way to resolve and restore cohabitation amongst Christians and Muslims in wum which has been greatly affected by the crisis.

By Penn Elvis in Wum


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