Covid-19 Response: MINSANTE-MINJEC Engage in Activities to Fight the Pandemic

New strategies have been taken to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, as more and more people dabble with different opinions due to lack of right information on Covid vaccines.

Flooded by fakenews, some Cameroonians hesitated to be vaccinated. The mixed Family Club- Minsante- Minjec teams deployed in the health districts of Yaounde, are making efforts on a daily basis to correct the situation.

People gathered in some parts of Melen, arround the market and reassured themselves of recieving the Covid-19 vaccine after being well informed by sensitizers.

The formal commitments to be vaccinated continue to be heard in Ekounou, Etoundi, Biyem Assi.

The local population has been adviced to join the campaign by inviting health teams to nurture and maintain communities with good information.

Associations, parishes, schools, businesses, administrations, are all involved. The Family Club Volunteers and MINJEC community mediators are available, ready to go to the field to meet groups for a dialogue user-friendly guide on vaccination against Covid.

By Ndefru Melanie

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